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An Exciting Partnership

Nova Group is pleased to introduce our latest Bi-Fold Door System in partnership with CORTIZO. One of Europe's leading Aluminium Systems Suppliers.

The CORTIZO Bi-fold system with thermal break is specially designed for enclosing large openings with the most avant-garde aesthetics. Available with up to 14 sashes in outwards & inwards openings and optional inlay bottom frame leaving threshold completely flush.
About Cortizo
Manchester Bifold Door Manufacturers

Standard Colours

We looked closely at what the market is asking for and hold 4 stylish clean colours in stock for faster turn around.

White Bifolds installations
White External / White Internal

RAL 9016 Gloss

Black Bi-Fold Doors
Black External / Black Internal

RAL 9005 Matt

Grey Sliding folding doors
Grey External / Grey Internal

RAL 7016 Matt

Grey White Bifold doors
Grey External / White Internal

RAL 7016 / 9016


The CORTIZO Bi-Fold system is used all over the UK & Europe in the most prestigeous of properties.

Bi-Fold Designer

Design your new CORTIZO Bi-Fold, request a quote or save and come back later.

Thermal Insulation

Energy efficiency in buildings is a demand made, both by the architects and end users who are aware of the importance of saving on heating costs. CORTIZO meets such challenges to ensure the comfort of your home is achieved.

Acoustic Insulation

CORTIZO has designed its enclosing systems with all the latest technological developments necessary to ensure external noise is reduced helping to create a more pleasant, relaxing environment.


All of CORTIZO’s enclosing systems are tested under laboratory conditions to guarantee the best performance in watertightness, air permeability and wind loads, endorsed by the maximum results in its test qualifications.

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